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5 Essential Things to Consider When Converting Your Garage into a Room

Garage conversions are ideal projects for all homeowners who need some extra space or an additional room but don’t prefer to move.

With a garage conversion, you don’t even have to lose your existing garden space. You can simply make the best of the space that you already have.

But before you start your conversion project, there are some important things to consider. Read on to find out what they are.

Garage Door

One of the first things to consider before your garage conversion begins is the garage door. If you currently have an overhead door, as garages usually do, then you should check with your building contractor if and how the new door can be installed.

It is important that you have a quality door solution that can provide your new living space with quality insulation, as well as with adequate protection.

Talk to the contractor about the process of removing the old door as well as about new door solutions, such as French or patio doors.

Heating and Cooling

If you are planning on converting your garage into a new living space, such as a bedroom, home office, extended living room or something similar, then it will require proper heating and cooling.

The best solution would be to extend your current HVAC system into the garage. Apart from being the simplest, it is also the most affordable solution in this type of project.

However, sometimes your current system will not be able to support an additional room or it won’t be possible to extend it.

In this case, you have the option to either update your current system or purchase an independent one for the garage. Your building contractor will help you make the best decision.


Plumbing is not always necessary when it comes to garage conversion. Rooms such as bedrooms, offices, home cinema, and similar do not need to have running water, which will save you this additional cost.

However, if you are thinking of converting the garage into a kitchen or a bathroom, plumbing will be necessary.

Talk to your contractor and plumber about the feasibility of the project and they will present you with the best options and solutions.

New Parking or Storage Space

You should also think about the current function of your garage. Was it used as a storage space? Did you park your car there?

If yes, then you should think about new storage or parking space before starting the project.

Make sure you find a reliable parking space, where your vehicle will be safe and protected.

When it comes to storage space, you can first take a look at what you have and see if you can get rid of or sell anything that you don’t need anymore. For other belongings, find a place for them inside your home or somewhere around it where they won’t get in the way.


Once you have dealt with all the technicalities of the garage conversion, you can move onto the more interesting and fun part – the design of your new space.

Talk to your building contractor about ideas, find inspiration online or in magazines, and create a beautiful and functional new living area.

Make sure the new exterior of your garage, such as doors and windows, matches your existing home style and architecture so that you don’t lose any curb appeal.

Create Your Dream Room

Once you’ve considered these five essential aspects of your garage conversion and settled on the best solutions with your contractor, you are ready to start with the project.

Soon, you will be able to enjoy your brand-new room and a more spacious home.

For any additional information about conversion projects, talk to your garage conversion Dublin contractors!