Attic Conversions

Attic Conversions Dublin

Could you make your roof space into a dream room?

An attic conversion is the best solution to creating extra living space in the home without losing garden space to an outside extension. The very nature of an attic conversion, with sloping walls and panoramic views from carefully placed windows, makes for an ideal living space and can usually be built for much less than an outside extension would cost.


An attic conversion will not only add space but also add value to your home. Classic Building Extensions use the very best of insulations when converting any space to bring it in line with retro fit standards.

The great thing about that unused space in your roof is that it is literally a blank canvas and can become (almost) anything you want, from a home cinema, home office or private gym.


An attic conversion is a highly beneficial home improvement project that allows homeowners to create additional space in their home.

It is a perfect way to transform your unused roof space into a functional room and with Classic Building Extensions in Dublin, it can all be done at a very reasonable rate.

Your loft conversion can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and whichever direction you choose to follow in your home project, our team helps you take advantage of all the added benefits and value.

With our attic conversions in Dublin, Classic Building Extensions helps you:


Obtain More Storage Space

Have you recently purchased new furniture and you don’t know where to put the old one? An attic conversion can provide you with that much-needed space and solve your problem easily and efficiently.

An attic conversion can help make your life more organized by providing you with the most functional additional space to meet all of your home requirements.

Therefore, if additional storage space is what you’re in need of, then a loft conversion is the best way to go. 

Call the best attic conversion contractors in Dublin and declutter your home once and for all. Classic offers great attic conversion prices and the best conversion designs, ideas, and plans in all of Dublin.  


Build an Extra Room

If your living space is becoming too small for your family and their needs, then an attic extension is undoubtedly the best and most cost-effective solution for you.

Instead of moving to a larger home due to your ever-growing needs, consider creating additional space that can easily be converted into any room that you desire – an office, a children’s playroom, a guest room, or any other functional space that will make your life more comfortable.

Save yourself the bother of building or buying a new property and choose a simple loft conversion. It will save you both time and money, especially with your number one attic conversion company in Dublin.


Increase Home Value

Potential homebuyers in Dublin are always looking for additional features that will increase the value of a home and an attic renovation can do just that. Apart from providing you with an extra living space, your attic conversion can add up to 20% to your property’s value. 

An attic conversion gives you an opportunity to make your home a valuable investment by enhancing your existing space and turning it into a hidden treasure.

Our team of experienced and highly trained experts knows how to turn any attic into a functional and valuable part of your home.


Create a Room with a View

A loft conversion is an ideal way to create an extra room with a view one doesn’t get to see very often. In a city as beautiful as Dublin, why not take advantage of the large roof windows in your loft?

Loft windows are commonly placed much higher than the rest of the windows in your home, which is a great opportunity to observe your surroundings through a brand-new perspective. 

With a loft conversion, therefore, Classic will create a new functional living space in your home but with an added bonus of a breathtaking view.


Simpler than Moving 

Moving is often caused by a lack of living space, especially for families with children. But with an attic conversion, you can avoid all the stress that comes with moving and gain additional space in your home through this much more cost-effective solution.

With a loft conversion, you don’t have to worry about additional moving expenses and settling into your new surroundings. You can create a spectacular living space for whichever purpose you require – a space to relax, an art studio, a game room, and many more. 


With an attic conversion, possibilities are endless and much more cost-effective.


Classic Building Extensions is at your disposal for free quotations anytime and if you would like to see some of our previous work, we can easily arrange a viewing. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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