Install Fibreglass Flat Roof System

Fibreglass Flat Roof

For more than 30 years, a Fibreglass roofing system has been available to the general public and professionals as a flat roofing system. It’s a seamless, completely integrated system with all components built to work together. Fibreglass Flat Roof Systems can be installed by Classic Building Extensions on almost any surface.

Fibreglass flat roofing can be used on practically any roof structure, including mansards, dormers, sloped roofs, and parapet wall elements. Fibreglass as a roof system can be used for walkways, balconies and is quite durable. It also comes with a BBA certification, indicating that it has undergone extensive testing.

The Fibreglass system can also be utilized for water pollutants, which are sometimes employed on roof gardens, and it can be used as green or brown roof gardens because it is entirely seamless.

Fibreglass Flat Roof System

Our Fibreglass Flat Roof System requires almost no maintenance. Fibreglass Roofing systems are unquestionably superior in appearance, and the system has a proven track record of durability. The system is essentially maintenance-free and can be finished with any UV-protective paint. The endurance of some of the more recent designs, such as Polyroof, is increasing as technology advances.

Fibreglass is not only more durable than old felt systems, but it is also a much safer option. Because our Fibreglass flat roof systems do not require an open flame or any other complex or hazardous tools, the possibilities of an on-site injury are significantly reduced.

No joints or seams on the middle area of the roof are also practical features of our Fibreglass flat roofs. This eliminates the need for taping and reduces the risk of water seeping into the decking through cracks. Our Fibreglass is often used on boats and yachts because it provides a completely waterproof solution.

Our Fibreglass roofs are designed to keep their shape and function in the face of storms, snow and frost, and prolonged exposure to the sun. Our Fibreglass roofing system’s topcoat coating makes the roof resistant to almost everything nature may throw at it. Fibreglass is fire resistant and can withstand foot traffic, making it ideal for a roof terrace.

Another advantage of Fibreglass flat roofing over bitumen roofs is the ease with which they can be maintained. Brush and hose off the top regularly to keep it looking good and safeguarding your property as it should.

Another string to our Fibreglass bow is its ability to be easily moulded to meet the design of any roof design, which is one reason it is widely regarded as the best flat roof covering, albeit slightly more expensive than alternative options.

Although EPDM is an excellent roof covering system, some individuals dislike the rubber roof appearance it provides. The finish that the topcoat resin offers Fibreglass flat roofing is typically thought to be much more appealing. Classic Building Extensions sells the topcoat in various colours to give the shelter some personality, while the basic dark grey finish is still the most popular.