Fibreglass Roofing Service in Dublin

Fibreglass Roofing

On every installation, Fibreglass, Glass-Fibre, or GRP is a complicated, plastic-like substance that is put immediately on top of a new roofing deck. It is wet-laid in place, resulting in a fully bonded, seamless system. It has no joints that can fail, no laps, and it is highly durable. You may slam a hammer on our fibreglass roofing as hard as you like; there will be no damage. This is why our loyal customers from Classic Building Extensions return for every new roof they require and always suggest the GRP system to anybody they tell about their beautiful new roof and get the best fibreglass roofing in Dublin.

Fibreglass Roofing Systems are only available in traditional roofing. Each properly fitted roof is intended to endure at least 50 years with no apparent signs of degradation.

In dry weather, the fibreglass roof must be installed on a dry deck. With Dublin’s climate, this can be challenging, but it’s not impossible — effective installation requires a temperature of at least 0 degrees Celsius.

It’s safe for your window cleaners to walk on, and you can build a roof terrace on it, with slabs, grass, and decking. When compared to other flat roof systems, the possibilities are infinite.

When we work for you, you receive a lot of peace of mind. You’ll be so happy with the new roof that you’ll want to tell all your friends about it once we’ve left you completely satisfied! Many individuals inquire about our Fibreglass Roofing Services after seeing the excellent work we’ve done for their friends.

Fibreglass Roof Repair in Dublin

Our fibreglass roof repair resins and topcoats are only appropriate for traditional roofing. Classic roofing may only be installed by suitably qualified, verified, and approved professionals. A roof can often be stripped, re-decked, laminated, and top-coated in one day by two workers; however, we have a team of professionals that work together to ensure that the project is completed to the best possible quality. When a stable weather forecast is forecasted, we always prepare to start the roof.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Upon completion of your project, we will provide you with three guarantees. A materials and labour guarantee from Classic Building Extensions, indicating that if anything goes wrong with your roof during the agreed-upon guarantee term, we will come back at our own expense. If required, we will construct scaffolding at our expense and repair the problem at no cost to you. Our GRP Systems will get additionally back up their system with a 25- or 30-year materials warranty. For Warm-roof clients, we’ll additionally provide ten-year insurance-backed security, giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event that Topseal or we go out of business before the end of your guarantee period.

Classic Building Extensions understands that consumers might be confused when it comes to GRP and fibreglass, and some firms don’t recognize this. Classic Building Extensions ensures that all of our customers are well informed about fibreglass roofing and have all of the information they want. We can walk you through the procedure over the phone or in person, whatever is most convenient for you.

Is it time to replace your roof with a contemporary, durable Fibreglass Roofing System in Dublin that will endure at least another 50 years? Do you require a fibreglass roof repair in Dublin? Please contact us right away!