Flat Roof Extensions Dublin


There are many reasons to opt for a flat roof extension in Dublin and some of the main ones are that it is currently highly on-trend in the construction world, it is an environmentally-friendly solution, and the flat roof extension cost is significantly lower than the cost of a pitched roof.

A flat roof house extension is a highly popular home renovation project among Dublin homeowners as well. At Classic Building Extensions, we have successfully completed a wide range of both small and large flat roof extensions.

Building on our extensive experience in all types of home improvement and renovation projects, as well as on our reputation of the finest and most skilled craftsmen in Dublin, we are able to provide you with the most efficient flat roof extension in Dublin.

Classic’s top industry professionals for flat roof extension construction will guide you through the project every step of the way. We will work with you in developing your idea, creating the most functional, beautiful, and cost-effective designs, and bringing those designs to life. 

From the very concept to the completion of the project – our flat roof extension construction services and experts are at your disposal!

We will help you get the most of your new extension, as it can bring your home a great many benefits.

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At Classic, we make sure your new extension is made out of top-quality materials, that it enhances the functionality of your home, gives you more liveable space, and that the flat roof extension cost does not go over your budget.  

We are experts in flat roof house extensions of all sizes, types, and specifications and with our invaluable expertise, we will transform your home and help you maximize this space through all the benefits it entails. 


Modern and Seamless Design 

Even though they may seem simple and ordinary, when constructed, flat roof extensions actually give your home a very modern and elegant look.

They are designed so that they can seamlessly integrate not only into the existing home structure and style, but they can integrate very conveniently with different roof design elements as well. 

Flat roofs are ideal if you are looking to add a skylight on them, light wells, and any similar elements. Not only will you gain a great home addition and extra space, but you will also gain great amounts of natural light coming into your home.


Reliability and Functionality

Despite what some may think, flat roofs will not break down easily and allow leaks to cause damage inside and outside your home. Flat roof extension construction has come a long way and the materials we use for their construction are of high quality, extremely durable, and water-resistant. 

In addition to that, even though they are called that way, they are not completely flat. All flat roofs are designed with a slight pitch so that the rainwater can run off.

This means that your new flat roof house extension will function as a great extension of your home, it will be an additional living space that you needed and where you will feel as comfortable and protected as in the rest of your home.


Different Flat Roof Extension Options

At Classic Building Extensions, we can design and build various types of flat roof extensions bringing all your ideas to life. Sometimes the type of extension we can build on your property will depend on the type of that property itself, the area where it is located, its size, local regulations, etc. 

Our expert craftsmen and professional builders will make sure to carefully plan out your extension project, as well as to cover all of your needs, building the extension that you need and want, such as:

  • Flat roof extension bungalow
  • Flat roof side extension
  • Flat roof front extension
  • Flat roof rear extension
  • Flat roof kitchen extension
  • And others…


Flexibility in Construction and Floor Plans

When it comes to flat roof extensions, the possibilities for the end results are vast. Buildings and extensions with flat roofs require much less structural reinforcement than those with pitched roofs, which means we can play with the designs and the floor plans a bit more.  

At Classic Building Extensions we can help you design the flat roof extension of your dreams, whether it is a conventional one or of a less traditional shape. 

Our construction professionals will make sure that it integrates beautifully with the rest of your home, that it is functional, efficient, safe, and that it provides you with the much needed extra space in your home.

If you would like to add some more space to your home with a popular and modern flat roof extension, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can organise a free quotation and answer any of your questions.