Local Building Company in Dublin

Local building company

It’s challenging to find a reputable local building company that will look after your home improvement project and provides excellent craftsmanship. Classic Building Extensions is dedicated to assisting you in making your house a natural extension of your family and lifestyle. Allow us to serve as your contractor.

The Local Building Company, Classic Building Extensions, has extensive experience in bespoke house construction and remodeling in the area.

The most important thing to us is to be trustworthy and dependable from the beginning to the end of any construction project. We regard ourselves as ready and able to assist you in refining your initial concept into a finished project that incorporates your family’s lifestyle and demands into your home’s functional design.


The only thing that matters more to us than our clients’ happiness and satisfaction is our commitment to quality. The tradespeople we hire have demonstrated that they are proficient in their respective trades, allowing us to meet our high-quality standards while focusing on creating beautiful places in your home.


We follow high moral and ethical standards while also adhering to the state of Tennessee’s legal regulations. We ensure that our dedication to quality is met at every stage and that our customers are at ease as the project progresses.


Do you wish to expand your living space? We construct additions to your home, enhancing its square footage as well as its functionality.

Renovations to the Kitchen and Bath

We have a lot of experience renovating kitchens and bathrooms. Many of our projects involve updating an old kitchen and bathroom with current and long-lasting design and functionality.

Decks and Outdoor Living Spaces

Because of our passion for the outdoors, we are passionate about designing outdoor living areas and decks. We can help you design and create new outdoor living areas to meet your dreams, whether you like relaxing family time on the patio or entertaining guests over the grill.


Our expertise and a personal approach are something we take pleasure in. We ensure that our clients have as little hassle as possible while receiving a bespoke completed product tailored to their exact specifications.

Relationships & Communication

When planning a construction project, there are numerous factors to consider. Conception, preparing drawings, finishing tasks, and procuring fixtures and fittings are all examples of these areas.

Classic Building Extensions offers specialists and suppliers a network to help our clients with all areas of a projected build. We provide a service that covers all perspectives by bringing together and assisting in coordinating communication between all parties involved in a project.

Our Goals

Maintaining our reputation for creating breathtaking transformations in the built environment. Treating consumers the way we want to be treated and adhering to the ethical business concept.

Our Objectives

  1. Using a feasibility study approach to evaluate the viability of construction plans.
  2. Putting our strengths and contacts in the industry to work for our clients.
  3. Solving problems, addressing specific demands, and constantly seeking to improve on the desired outcome.
  4. Creating attractive homes and buildings that are appropriate for today’s lives.
  5. Saying what we mean, doing what we say, and demonstrating that we mean what we say.

Starting with an Idea and Ending with a Finished Product

We want our clients to have a stress-free local building construction company service. Therefore we take care of every detail. We make confident that the procedure proceeds smoothly and that all information is delivered through a single point of contact.