Open-plan kitchen extension by Classic Building Extensions

Open-plan kitchen extension

Many homeowners’ wish lists include an open-plan kitchen extension. Gaining extra space, making room for dining, cooking, reaching a more amicable arrangement, and taking advantage of garden vistas are all possible reasons to design a new area.

Surprisingly, open-plan kitchen extensions don’t necessitate giving up much of your outside space to create a place that fulfils all of your needs. Building out a little further at the back of your house, going out into a side return, or a mix of the two can offer you the space you’ve always wanted.

Many people believe that adding a kitchen-diner extension to their home will improve their quality of life or that their addition will be part of a plan to build an open-plan layout below. Good luck with your planning! Whatever your objective, our kitchen extension experts at Classic Building Extension have everything you’ll need to plan your dream new space? and we’ve got lots of ideas to choose from.

After learning how to plan a kitchen expansion with our expert advice, you’ll want to research kitchen extension costs so you can make a better budget. The most important aspects of constructing a kitchen addition are hiring a contractor or architect and obtaining planning clearance. Still, it would be best to get a sense of how big the extension will be before you start, and you can accomplish that by figuring out what you need from it.

When it comes to planning a kitchen expansion, you’ll be able to create your perfect design by considering your current surroundings and the space you have available. Determining how you’ll use and appreciate your expansion once it’s finished will aid in determining the room’s layout.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Kitchen Addition?

If accessing the site is a problem, how bespoke the kitchen addition is, and how well your timetable is running, it depends on the project’s scope. Some will be faster, while others will be slower. A modest kitchen expansion can take 10 to 12 weeks to complete, whereas a significant kitchen extension can take up to six months. Remember that the planning and design phases of your project are not included in these timelines.

Creating a Kitchen Addition

It’s all about the details when it comes to designing a kitchen expansion, and you may need assistance from an architect, a contractor, and, of course, a kitchen designer. But don’t simply think about how your kitchen expansion will appear; it should also be helpful. There are many resources available to help you find inspiration and kitchen extension ideas, and we’re happy to assist. Classic Building Extensions has a team of talented individuals who can assist you in achieving your ideal design.

Consult Classic Building Extensions to see what can be done once you’ve determined where you’d like your expansion to go. For the builder and to demonstrate compliance with building regulations, you’ll need blueprints and construction drawings.

We can also provide you with design ideas you may not have considered before. Hire us because we specialize in open-plan kitchen extension projects for homeowners. Determine how involved you want us to be.