Quality Porch Doors In Dublin

Porch Doors Dublin

The issue of security is always in our thoughts. Porch door extensions are usually a cost-effective and practical method to improve the look of your house. When leaving or entering your home, that second door will provide you with additional room. A porch door extension from Classic Building Extensions will help improve your Dublin home’s insulating value. It may be a charming and appealing upgrade, increasing the value of your property while also improving the general aesthetic of your structure.

Our Porch door extension under the existing canopy roof structure, designed to complement this semidetached home in Dublin, is a very affordable solution to draught-proofing your home and adding extra comfort space when leaving and entering your home, as well as much-needed security, which is sadly part of our ever-changing world. French door and window systems made of white uPVC Our Granite Step solution, which uses 28mm argon gas-filled safety double glass, add a touch of sophistication to this Porch door Extension, which is finished in three days.

Glass Porch Door 

An existing Canopy Roof framework is used to support our Glass Porch door expansion. Our customers will get three square meters of floor space inside their home thanks to this conversion, which is built on an insulated concrete raft base. A two-part patio sliding door and 70 mm reinforced uPVC windows are used. All windows and doors have 28 mm Argon gas filled safety double glass units, producing a tiny sunroom with extra security. The internal timber door is also replaced with a Palladio Security Composite Door, and the conversion takes only four days.

This sort of porch door conversion is highly popular among our clients since it secures your property at a very low cost. If your property already has a Canopy, this sort of conversion will bring that area inside while still ensuring it.

Any semi-detached property in Dublin will benefit from our exquisite Brick Porch door expansion. This one is for you if you want to add security and insulation to your family home, as well as a storage place for shoes and jackets as you arrive. This design option is ideal for a house or other comparable property.

Good Look With Additional Security

Lovely addition to any family home is our exquisite Porch door expansion at the entrance of private property in Dublin. Built on a reinforced raft foundation with steel supports, this 4in cavity block building is dry lined inside and finished with Monacuse textured render on the exterior to complement the existing structure.

28mm Argon gas filled rated double glazing with 70mm white reinforced windows and doors. Guardian roof coverings, white uPVC fascias, soffits, and rainwater products protect the timber roof structure. Customers’ option of floor tiling, low-energy downlights with timers both internally and outside.

Our seamless Porch door extension will provide security and insulation to your lovely property of Dublin in only ten days. Please make an appointment to get the best deal on porch doors in Dublin.