Interior Wall Demolition


Our team at Classic Building Extensions have completed a great number of successful internal and external wall demolition projects to date. We are guided by our experience as well as by our specialized knowledge and expert training in all the work we do so that we can provide you with outstanding results every time.

In order to ensure maximum safety and efficiency, we use innovative methods and install RSJ beams as support, to take over the function of the supporting wall we knocked out. In case there is any plumbing or electric wiring in the wall that is to be demolished, we will relocate it or completely remove it.

By knocking down the internal walls in your home, we will create a new and open space inside it, the so-called open plan layout which is very popular and modern nowadays.

If you are demolishing your external walls and creating a new space into your garden, we will also help you choose the best exterior door solution for your home, such as patio doors, French doors, lift and slide doors, etc.

Contact a member of our team if you have any further questions about our Supporting Wall Demolition.