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Types of Building Services That Bring Value to Your Home

There is an array of home building projects that you can take on and that can transform your home into a beautiful and highly functional one.

With professional building services, you can add space to your existing home, you can breathe new life into it with various different home renovations, you can convert some unused spaces into new functional rooms, add more exterior space to your property, and many other similar things.

Take a look at some of the most common building services that homeowners make use of and how they bring value to their homes.

Home Renovation

Home renovation projects can come in many different shapes and forms and vary greatly in their extent and scope. There are projects that pay off more and there are those that pay off less and don’t really bring significant value to your home.

When thinking about renovating your property, the first thing on your mind should be whether that specific renovation project is needed and worth it. Think about the value that it will bring you and the amount of time and money that you may spend on it.

These projects can be anything from repair and maintenance work in and outside your property to complete home remodels.

When it comes to smaller home improvements and repairs, they are almost always a good idea and a good investment. It is actually not a big investment at all, as smaller repair work will practically not even make a dent in your home budget.

It is even recommended by building experts to conduct these smaller projects regularly, i.e. inspect your home every once in a while, to see if anything needs a touch-up. This can help you avoid greater repair work and higher costs.

When it comes to some bigger home renovation projects, these can range from changing your floors, plumbing, a door and window replacement to kitchen and bathroom renovations, home additions, and attic conversion projects.

Depending on your needs, these projects can bring you a significant return on investment and add great value to your home. For example, if you are extending your family and need extra space, then a home extension will come as a great addition. Adding a fresh coat of paint is nearly always a good idea, as it can open up your interior or add curb appeal to the exterior.

Replacing your old and dated doors and windows with new and efficient ones is considered one of the most valuable home renovation projects. They will increase your energy efficiency, i.e. decrease your heating and cooling needs, eliminate all draughts and air loss, and therefore, decrease your utility bills.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations can also bring your significant ROI if you replace your old appliances and additions with eco-friendly and energy-efficient ones. For example, you can choose low-flow faucets and Energy Star appliances, which are cost-effective and will help you save up on your bills and be more environmentally conscious.

Home Extensions

When it comes to home extensions, they are an ideal solution for all those homeowners who are in need of some extra space but don’t have the means or the desire to move to another house.

When you weigh the costs and the entire process of moving houses against the costs and duration of an extension project, the latter one has much more advantages. When you decide to move, you first have to deal with selling the current property, then figuring out the budget for your new home, taking out a loan or a mortgage, etc.

When it comes to a home extension, it involves a much simpler and, in the end, cost-effective process. You can get additional living space, a space that is functional and that will increase your quality of life, without having to move.

There a number of different home extension projects that you can take on and add to your home. You can decide to create an extra room or extend your existing room. This new room can be a children’s room, you can decide to extend the existing children’s room if they’ve outgrown it, you can turn the new space into an office, playroom, art studio, whatever you need at that moment.

One of the most common home extensions projects it a kitchen extension. It is usually the busiest space in the house, as well as the place where the entire family usually gathers, which is why it makes sense for many homeowners to turn it into a more functional and open space.

Attic and Garage Conversion

Similarly to the home extension services, you can also decide to employ some conversion services and benefit greatly from turning your attic or a garage into a new and usable space.

Attic and garage conversions are ideal for those homeowners who are currently not using those spaces or who are using them but simply as a storage space, a place where they leave some things that they don’t need anymore, etc.

Even if you are storing your car inside your garage, for example, if you can find elsewhere to park it, or simply leave in your driveway, then a garage conversion is an ideal project for you.

With an attic or a garage conversion, you will add great amounts of space to your home, space that you didn’t even know you have. It will increase the resale value of your home, as there will be more square footage of liveable and functional space.

Your new space can be anything that you want it to be but of course, with careful and detailed planning, budgeting, and cooperation with your building contractors.


Adding or extending the porch on your home will not only add great curb appeal and enhance the exterior aesthetics of your home, but it will also add functionality to your home, as well as an extra level of security. And all of these aspects, in turn, will bring you increased resale value of your home.

A porch is an invaluable home addition that you will appreciate both during sunny and during rainy days. It allows you to spend time outside on the sun and fresh air, but it also protects you from the elements. It also protects your home’s siding, trim, front door, and many other structures from the elements and minimizes damages to them.

A porch will be greatly appreciated by your entire family, as well as by your guests and the potential buyers if you ever decide to sell it.


With any of these building services and home projects, your property is bound to gain more functionality, efficiency, and value. Depending on your needs and wishes, you can take on a home renovation project, add a home extension or convert your attic and garage, but whichever you choose, it will be a worthwhile decision.

For all details, planning, advice, as well as the execution of these projects, it is best to consult with your building contractors Dublin so that your project goes smoothly and successfully.