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Classic has provided a professional building service to homeowners in the greater Dublin area for the last 25 years. From our office in Goatstown, Dublin 14, we offer a very fast and user-friendly service for any home addition you may be considering.

We provide the total custom-built package for your porch extensions, from planning (if required) to a full turn-key finished job. All plumbing, electrics, and total project management are included in the porches extension project. All of the Classic’s crew members on site are qualified tradesmen, thus giving you total peace of mind during your porch extension project. 

If you would like to organise a quotation, it is free of charge and there is no obligation once it is complete, so call us today!


All porch doors and windows supplied and installed for your porch extensions are custom-built, A-rated, and have been designed to afford the highest level of security. You can have the choice of double or triple glazed windows and glass porch doors, which come toughened as standard.

Whether you’re looking for an enclosed porch or a covered porch, Classic will be at your service during both the planning and implementation process until your porch is done to your precise specifications. Our porch services in Dublin are the best and our crew members will offer assistance throughout the project to ensure high-quality porch design that you are fully satisfied with.

Classic Building Extensions ensures guaranteed start dates and realistic completion dates that cause the least disruption to our clients. Safety and a clean and tidy work environment are kept at all times during a porch extension project and all of our staff take great pride in their work.

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Porches have many benefits and your new porch extension, whether a back or a front porch, will be designed to complement your home in both style and functionality. We will give you a custom porch that suits your home and that has an extra layer of security and insulation. 


Added Space

 Having that extra space in your home is something all homeowners strive for and with a great new home porch, that’s exactly what you’re getting.

 With the help of our porch contractors in Dublin and with our beautiful porch designs, you can rest assured that your extra space will be multi-functional, aesthetically appealing, and provide you with a warm, comfortable ambience.

 When adding a porch extension, you can also gain extra space that will help you finally declutter your home and make it look as tidy as ever!


Extra Security

 When it comes to your home, feeling safe and protected is crucial. This is why adding a porch extension is an excellent idea as it serves as an added barrier that is separating you from the outside.

 Whether it’s the unpredictable weather conditions or even intruders, a house porch will undoubtedly provide you with an extra layer of security. It will protect your family from all possible outside risks and give you great peace of mind.

 With your best Dublin porch contractors, you can also get additional security features, such as triple glazed windows and doors, enhanced hinges, and multi-point locking.


Increased Property Value

 Additional spaces and increased curb appeal are two crucial factors in increasing the overall resale value of your property – and with a porches extension, you gain both. 

Added space and extra square footage, along with an aesthetically appealing exterior are two highly coveted features in any home and they may be precisely the features that potential homebuyers are looking for.

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Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, a beautiful house porch also has the unique ability to give your home in Dublin a completely new look while also protecting you from all outside elements. The great thing about front porch and back porch extensions is that they act as an added insulation to your door.

When it comes to your home porch, its size is the very first aspect that you need to discuss and decide upon with your porch contractors. Apart from that, porch design is a vital factor too since with the right porch roof, porch flooring, and all the other necessary features you are making sure that your new porch blends seamlessly with the existing aesthetic you’ve created in your home.

If you’re in need of a house porch in a terraced home, you need to be mindful of your neighbours as well, in case you share a garden wall. Luckily, Classic has plenty of experience in providing all types of porch services in Dublin, which is why we can help you in regards to all of these considerations and give you a beautiful and functional new house porch.

For a free quotation for any work you may be planning, contact a member of our team.